Vintage Photo Booth Hire

Experience the best service for party photo booth hire Australia wide!

A Vintage PhotoBooth is an experience your guests will never forget! Brilliant fun, belly-aching laughs and nostalgia all in one!  

As Australia’s photo booth rental experts, we offer both private party and branded corporate photo booths to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide customers.

The Vintage Difference.....

When you hire a party photo booth with us, you get:

  • Instant, high resolution prints.
  • Seat 4 adults - squeeze in 8! This is the largest seated corporate photo booth in Australia, and is teamed with a wide angle lens & soft portrait lighting system.
  • Our photo booths can go anywhere! Stairs and lifts are no dramas.
  • Your guests will love the keepsake quality of their vintage photos, the rich quality of the prints, the plush style of the booth itself, and the exceptional attention that everyone is given by our hosts on the night.
  • There are no distorted head shots or passport style images to be seen. You and your guests will look fabulous as you strike a pose in the Vintage Photobooth!
  • We ensures that no harsh flashes are used. Brides and party girls everywhere know how important this is!
  • Whether you hire a photo booth in Melbourne, Brisbane, for a private party or a public event – we can service any venue and don't charge any lay time! Setting up outside your event hours is all part of our service. You won't see us come and go.
  • You and your guests will have the best photobooth experience possible. From the moment you book a Vintage Photobooth until the excitement of receiving your disk of high resolution booth images in the post, the execution of a wonderful photobooth experience will be our focus! A photobooth is an exciting, entertaining value ad for any event and our enthusiasm for our superb booth is reflected in our service to you and attention to detail.
  • Your Vintage Photobooth on-site host (included with every hire), will keep an eye out for lens smudges, service your Vintage Photobooth guest book, explain to your guests how it all works and even help you out if you've had too many champagnes!
  • Hiring a photobooth is an exciting, entertaining value-add for any event, and our enthusiasm for our superb booth is reflected in our service to you and attention to detail.
  • Quality is carried on from our service to our print quality and with 12 different print formats to select from, you'll find that excellence and style are characteristic of all that we do and produce.
  • Designed with parties in mind, the look is stylish and opulent, adding a festive and gorgeous touch that will only enhance the feel of your event. All our photobooths are proudly Australian designed and manufactured..
  • We aim to provide you and your guests with the best experience for photo booth rental in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and regional centres in between. From the moment you make the booking until the excitement of receiving your disk of high resolution images in the post, your enjoyment and satisfaction will be our focus!

There’s something exciting about being in a confined space behind a curtain, where you’re free to be as silly, sexy or cheeky as you want. It’s instant, candid and provides an entertaining twist to events that will have everyone talking long after the party ends!

Now also available as part of your private party or corporate photo booth hire:

  • User's choice of colour or black & white images
  • Touch Screens with data collection & image emails
  • Printed Image Backgrounds
  • Curtain background colour choices
  • Facebook Integration

The above is available for Vintage and/or branded Your Booth hires.

We have suppliers for party photo booth hire in Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. Please check the availability of the above add-ons with the Vintage Photobooth supplier in your state.